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Life time Disqualification for client successfully lifted at Court

We wish to inform you about our recent success last week when Alex Weller of this firm successfully made an application under Section 43 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 at Court to have a clients life time disqualification from owning and keeping dogs lifted. Our client was delighted as it now means that he can find work again and begin to re-build his life.

Mr. B was convicted in 2012 (this firm was not instructed for this matter). His previous solicitors did not instruct a veterinary expert to consider the papers (a necessary must in all Animal Welfare Cases) but still advised Mr. B to plead guilty.

Mr. B (despite not having been to Court before for animal welfare matters) received a life time disqualification under Section 34 of the Animal Welfare Act from keeping or owning dogs. The Court stipulated that Mr. B could not apply to lift this disqualification for 5 years.

Mr. B's mental health was severely impacted by the disqualification, which he has had to live with for 8 years. Medical evidence was presented to the Court to demonstrate the positive impact lifting the disqualification would have on Mr. B's health

Shortly prior to the period of 5 years expiring Mr. B pleaded guilty to being in breach of his disqualification (no issues were found with the welfare of the dog in his possession). Mr. B was advised to wait for two years and to then apply for his disqualification to be lifted.

Mr. B contacted this firm, and we were happy to assist. An application was made to the Court under Section 43 of the Animal Welfare Act, along with supporting documentation. Submissions were made on behalf of Mr. B, which the Court carefully considered. After some deliberation the Court returned and confirmed much to our clients delight that the ban had been lifted.

It has been a pleasure to represent our client, and the benefits of the ban being lifted are immeasurable.

If you need assistance with applications to the Court for lifting your disqualification please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance and advice.

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