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From Dilys Hadley, Exmouth, September 2013


Make no mistake!


Once the RSPCA become involved with you and your animals, their sole purpose is to find any way they possibly can to discredit you as a pet owner and even a human being. Acting on the advice of anyone who calls their hotline, no matter what their credentials or even their motives, they pounce first and ask questions later.  In my case I watched my 16 year old cat get loaded into an unsuitable wire cage and hauled away screaming and bucking in protest. Their questioning, illegally conducted, is biased, and you should be aware that if the answers you give don't stack up against you they will omit them or bend them. If you get an 'innocent' verdict they may still inform the press that you are guilty of that crime, and seek to disgrace you in the eyes of your home community.


My case, though for the most part it's been taken as far as we could, is ongoing.  My daughter, charged alongside me for offences when she was no longer even living at my home, was completely exonerated a year ago. She spent the previous year terrified that they would still find a way to make the charges stick. Current Government policy means that Legal Aid is increasingly difficult to access but, against all the odds, the inestimable Nigel Weller and his team, including their excellent barrister, Sara-Lise Howe, will press on to get your case heard and the law examined in expert fashion, based on decades of experience in Criminal Law.  Better than that, when the RSPCA and its misuse of the Animal Welfare legislation contrives to make you feel like a monster, though you know you're not, Nigel Weller and his team treat you like a humane individual again and restore your self respect.  I will never get my cat back, destroyed unnecessarily and without legal right, in the RSPCA's quest for evidence against me. I have at least got back some sense of normality and retained a second cat who lives at home with me, in perfect health. I have also, thanks to these legal representatives, avoided the payment of massive costs which the RSPCA were intent on clawing from me, no matter whether this would mean that the remainder of my life would be conducted in financial ruin.


My advice - don't even speak to the RSPCA. Also, if you need financial help with treating a pet contact the PDSA instead.  If the RSPCA have caught you with your guard down, call the offices of Nigel Weller without delay, and take their advice. They know what they are doing, and they provide their services with meticulous attention to the true letter of the Law, and with kindness and respect for all walks of Society.  Animal Welfare Laws have changed radically during the course of my long lifetime, but so have the RSPCA.  Throughout this experience I would not have recognised them for the charity I was once proud to support. No matter where you live, call Nigel Weller's offices in Lewes and get their help, you will not be sorry, and I can only say that I am so glad I did.