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Young kennel maid acquitted as RSPCA case collapses. 


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Puppy owner wrongly accused of abuse, from Kent Online.


"Medway’s District Judge Michael Kelly criticised the charity for putting Miss J and her daughter through their unnecessary ordeal...” Read the full story


Victims of RSPCA Bite Back, a Sunday Telegraph investigation.


"In two cases in Harwich and Portsmouth before Christmas, Nigel Weller, a Lewes solicitor, finally exposed how RSPCA witnesses had concerted their evidence in advance, using a proforma document to "coach" witnesses in what to say - about which magistrates and a judge expressed grave concerns. In each case the defendants, accused of depriving a dog and two cats of a balanced diet, were acquitted on all charges." Read the full story.


From an investigation into the RSPCA in Private Eye Magazine:


"Even more seriously, Mr Weller dragged out of the witnesses that they and other RSPCA staff had discussed their evidence in advance... As every criminal lawyer knows, such meetings with witnesses to discuss a case are strictly unlawful...."     Download the full story

"Case against pet store is withdrawn", from the Newham Recorder.


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May 2012: Our client had her pets returned and received a conditional discharge with no fine or costs.

"It was the start of the most frightening ten months of my life. I've never been in trouble with the police and had never seen the inside of a courtroom."


"There appears to be no good reason why the RSPCA allowed these animals to be put to sleep...the animals were happy. This lady needed help and support, not hauling through the courts." Our client's vet.


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