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Defence solicitor specialising

in animal welfare law

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Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation. Authority Number 00075951


Nigel Weller was admitted in 1977.


As a criminal legal aid lawyer he has defended and secured acquittals in many high profile cases and has higher rights of audience in Crown Courts and the Appeal Court.


For the past 15 years Nigel Weller has specialised in animal welfare defence and is recognized as one of the foremost specialists in the country.  


Nigel has appeared in TV documentaries and in national newspapers having exposed RSPCA practices as illegal. He believes that the RSPCA uses its reputation for kindness – and its huge financial reserves – to scare innocent people into pleading guilty to crimes they have not committed.


Nigel lives in the Sussex countryside and has an office in Lewes, within the South Downs National Park.


He is willing to travel anywhere in the country.

ABOUT: Nigel Weller Ll.B


Nigel represented me when I was wrongly accused of keeping and selling wild caught birds. His knowledge of the RSPCA, and the underhanded ways in which they work, led to the charges against me being dropped. I would recommend Nigel, without hesitation, to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to the one I found myself in. Without his help and guidance, I would probably now find myself with a criminal record, without justification. I did not commit any offence.


 Andrew Newman



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